Christmastime is Here

As I am writing this, I am sitting by our adorable (yet somewhat mini) Christmas tree, sipping the most delicious coffee, thinking about how much I love Christmas.

Hewitt and I started off December this weekend by going to pick out a tree. This is a bit different in Manhattan as 1. not surprisingly – they’re extraordinarily expensive and 2. you physically carry them home. Luckily in this case for us, we were in the market for the biggest small tree we could find to fit in our space, so it was also easier to carry home.

This photo, for the record, is to scale.




And with me still trying to learn about my camera, shutter speed, etc… this is the shot from moment Hewitt turned on our overhead lights.


And here is one with a bit more normal lighting-


So there you have it. Christmastime is here!


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