The Engrams Visit The Engrams!

So, I am clearly behind in blog posts, but I blame my birthday and the holiday. And what wonderful occasions they both were!

A few weeks ago now (hard to believe it is practically December!), Hewitt’s parents came to see us in New York. We ate delicious food and took in quite a few sights and museums. Sadly, my camera was out of commission, so I only had my iPhone camera.

Highlights include (but certainly are not limited to) a visit to the World Trade Center Memorial where we caught some of the ongoing recovery efforts from Sandy downtown…

The Museum of American Finance… where we learned about Aaron Burr and the way he dropped Hamilton..

And Jersey Boys! Oh my goodness, what a fun show. I was familiar with a good amount of the music, and my in-laws certainly loved it – it was such a good time.

The thing that struck me the most about Jersey Boys is how happy it made me. How happy it made all of us. It was high energy and full of talent. One of my favorite things (hands down) about New York, however cliche, is the shows. The plays. The ballet. The musicals. There is so much talent and so much excitement, you can’t resist getting caught up in it and affected by it. And you wouldn’t want to resist. I always liked the Four Seasons songs that I knew, but they have an added layer of enjoyment to them now. (Definitely recommend the show.)

We went to American Museum of Natural History on Sunday – which is huge! And basically like living A Night at the Museum. (Which you should see, if you haven’t.)

But we saw dinosaurs and fish and fossils and models of the galaxies, and I was affirmed in the notion that you could easily spend 4 days there and have not seen it all.

We capped off the visit with a trip to Peter Luger in Brooklyn. Oh. my. gosh. I have never had steak like that, nor do I know if I ever will again, but wow. If you’re looking for the best “steak for two, three, four…” of your life, make a reservation, head to Brooklyn, wait even though you have a reservation and indulge. You won’t regret it.

It was a great weekend – I hope they’ll come back to see us! :)


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