Welcome, October!

One of my favorite ways of welcoming guests is doing a little cooking, so last night when Hewitt let me know that he would be working a bit late, instead of making lemonade, I made pumpkin cookies with caramel icing. To welcome October.

I found this fantastic recipe from Let’s Dish via Pinterest (surprise!) and modified it only slightly.

My minor changes are to exchange whole cream for half and half and use 1 cup whole wheat flour (recommend King Arthur’s; it isn’t too whole grainy for baking) and 1 cup all-purpose flour instead of 2 cups all-purpose flower. In my mind, it’s the little changes that don’t sacrifice flavor that can keep us at least a little bit healthier in our indulgences. I also didn’t use the whole can of pumpkin – I probably used just over 3/4, though. I just didn’t want the flavor to be overwhelmingly like eating pumpkin.

I also added another 1/4 tsp of cinnamon because I love it, and I left out the ginger because I forgot to buy it.

Click  for the original recipe play-by-play.

As I alluded to earlier, I don’t  like pumpkin as much as I like thematic-recipes, so putting the canned pumpkin into the batter wasn’t my favorite step.  However, after a little mixing, it started to look quite appetizing.

The cookies really held their shape and didn’t expand, so it’s easy to get a bunch of them on a single cookie sheet.

When they came out, our little apartment smelled just like fall. And maybe Thanksgiving.

The icing was a bit more complicated and was my first foray into caramelizing sugar. I’ve watched my mom do this with pure sugar in a cast iron skillet, and that is stressful. Thankfully, this was a bit easier, but I still had a rapid internal dialogue of “is this ‘just beginning’ to boil? Do I take it off the heat now?”

“How long do I let this cool? When do I add the powdered sugar?”

But it worked out. Quite well.

When Hewitt got home, we had a warm and festive feeling apartment and some delicious late night snacks.

I think I’ll make these again at Thanksgiving to share with our families. They definitely passed the taste test with Hewitt and my co-workers today, too!

If you want to follow this and other recipes I have found and pinned – feel free to head over to my pinterest page. It’s a fun place to organize and discover new foods, fashion and other wonderfully girly things. Follow Me on Pinterest


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