Here’s a little insight into the places and people we’ve seen over the last few weeks – and some of the delicious food!

We headed south to Atlanta to see two good friends tie the knot. Since the wedding was Saturday night, naturally we realized that although the Braves were away that weekend, the PGA Tour Championship happened to be very close by. I would have taken pictures there, but the PGA doesn’t joke around about cameras. It was however the perfect day in the warm sun on beautifully manicured grass, with old, old oak trees gracing us with their shade. Quite a change from dear Manhattan!

Tripper and Emily’s wedding was beautiful, and we were so excited to be there to celebrate with them.

What girl doesn’t love a good black tie event.

Have a great time in South Africa!

Fast forward, back to New York. A food festival that takes place in Madison Square Park, aptly named Madison Square Eats, happens twice a year, and some of friends invited us to partake.

I only took one food picture – Mimi and Coco’s Teriyaki Balls. You could choose shrimp, potato or sausage as a filling and then they were drenched in Japanese teriyaki sauce and mayo, tempura crunchy flakes, sliced almonds and parsley. We had four with potato and four with sausage also opted in on the Sriracha. They were quite a ball of flavor, that’s for sure.

Later, Ellen was up from Atlanta for work, and Emily and I took her for gelato (or affogato) at Grom after a great dinner at Marinella.

And we managed to squeeze in a bit more time pre-flight over brunch at The Standard.

Hewitt and I finally tried out RedFarm. It’s a dim sum restaurant I have had my eyes on since he moved up here over a year ago. They don’t take reservations, but they will let you put your name in and then call you when your table is ready. Even if you don’t live in the neighborhood, there’s plenty to do nearby while waiting, and I think it was worth the wait.

These were some of the dumplings we tried –  shrimp and snow pea. They were great. The pork and crab soup dumplings were also amazing, my picture just quite turn out. I may or may not be ordering take-out from them very soon.

So that’s a lot of what we have been up to lately – just add work, sleep and a few other things. Now that it’s Tuesday, I’m counting down until my parents come visit us for the first time this weekend! I can’t wait. More on that later.


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