Company is Coming!

We have had some visitors to our lovely apartment since moving here, but our first get-on-a-plane, I drum my fingers at desk counting down minutes until arrival visitors, are coming. Today.

I woke up early this morning to 1. have coffee with my hardworking husband before he departed for the day and 2. to vacuum (I know) and make chunky blue cheese & yogurt dip and fresh pico de gallo. Six of my seven roommates from senior year at Carolina are coming to New York this weekend, and they’re coming over before dinner tonight!

In my pre-coffee haze, I only thought to take one photo of my creations. I’ll be sure to snap a few, probably with the visitors in the frame!, tonight.

I’m preparing at my desk for this weekend of joy and reunion with a little Celine Dion. You should prepare for whatever is on tap for you tonight with her, too.



4 thoughts on “Company is Coming!

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